Welcome to a community dedicated to empowering and celebrating women at EIT Polytechnic College. The Women-in-Development Club is a space where women come together to foster personal and professional growth, share experiences, and contribute to the development of a supportive and inclusive environment.

Empowering Women, Fostering Growth, Building a Future of Equality
Our mission is to empower women through various initiatives that promote personal and professional development, foster leadership skills, and contribute to the advancement of a gender-inclusive college community.
Professional Development: Provide resources and opportunities for women to enhance their skills and pursue career goals.
Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community among women through networking events, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects.
Gender Equality Advocacy: Advocate for gender equality, raise awareness on women's issues, and promote a culture of inclusivity.
Skill-building Workshops: Organize workshops and training sessions covering a range of skills, from leadership to entrepreneurship.

1. Career Development Workshops:

  • Resume building, interview skills, and career planning workshops
  • Networking events with successful women professionals

2. Women's Empowerment Seminars:

  • Inspirational talks and seminars featuring accomplished women from various fields
  • Panel discussions on topics related to women's empowerment

3. Skill-building Initiatives:

  • Workshops on communication, leadership, and negotiation skills
  • Training sessions on entrepreneurship and financial literacy

Join the Empowerment Movement!
Whether you're a student pursuing academic excellence, a budding professional, or someone passionate about making a positive impact, the Women-in-Development Club at EIT Polytechnic Collegewelcomes you to join the movement towards women's empowerment.

Empower. Connect. Thrive.