Lab Facilities
At EIT Polytechnic College, we believe in providing our students with practical hands-on experience to complement their theoretical knowledge. Our Diploma in Textile Technology program is supported by state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, equipped with the latest machinery and tools necessary for students to gain valuable skills in textile manufacturing, testing, and analysis.

Textile Manufacturing Laboratory:
Our Textile Manufacturing Laboratory is equipped with a range of machinery and equipment for hands-on learning in various textile manufacturing processes, including:
Spinning: Students can learn about the process of converting fibers into yarns using spinning machines such as ring spinning, open-end spinning, and rotor spinning machines.
Weaving: Explore the art of weaving and fabric formation using shuttle and shuttle-less looms, allowing students to understand different weaving techniques and fabric structures.
Knitting: Gain practical experience in knitting technology using circular and flat knitting machines, and learn about different types of knitted fabrics and their applications.
Dyeing and Printing: Learn about coloration and printing processes using dyeing machines, screen printing, and digital printing equipment, and explore the principles of color science and color management.

Textile Testing and Quality Control Laboratory:
In our Textile Testing and Quality Control Laboratory, students can conduct various tests and analyses to evaluate the quality and performance of textiles.

Textile Design and CAD Laboratory:

Our Textile Design and CAD Laboratory provides students with the tools and software necessary for textile design and pattern development.

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Name of the Laboratories


Fibre Identification Lab


Spinning Preparatory Lab


Yarn Manufacturing Lab


Weaving Preparatory Lab


Fabric Manufacturing Lab


Textile Wet Processing Lab


Quality Control and Textile Testing Lab


Garment Manufacturing Lab