Welcome to the future of aerial technology at EIT Polytechnic College Name. The Drone Training Club is a hub for students passionate about drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Whether you're a beginner fascinated by the world of drones or an experienced enthusiast, our club provides a hands-on platform to explore, learn, and master the art of drone technology.

Empowering Flight, Unleashing Innovation, Shaping Aerial Excellence
Our mission is to empower students with the knowledge and skills to operate drones safely, explore innovative applications, and contribute to the advancements in aerial technology.
Flight Training: Provide comprehensive training on drone operation, flight dynamics, and safety protocols.
Innovation Hub: Foster a culture of creativity by encouraging members to explore new applications and advancements in drone technology.
Project Development: Undertake drone-related projects to apply theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience.
Regulatory Awareness: Educate members on drone regulations and ethical considerations related to drone usage.

1. Drone Piloting Workshops:

  • Hands-on sessions to teach members the basics of drone piloting
  • Advanced workshops on manoeuvring and flight control

2. Aerial Photography and Mapping Projects:

  • Collaborative projects using drones for aerial photography and mapping
  • Training on drone-mounted cameras and sensors

3. Drone Racing Competitions:

  • Organize drone racing events to enhance piloting skills
  • Participate in regional and national drone racing competitions

Join the Drone Revolution!
Whether you dream of becoming a skilled drone pilot, exploring aerial photography, or contributing to the future of drone technology, the Drone Training Club at EIT Polytechnic College is where you can turn those dreams into reality.

Take Flight. Explore. Innovate.