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At EIT Polytechnic College, we understand the importance of practical hands-on experience in shaping the education of future textile professionals. Our Diploma in Knitting and Garment Technology program is supported by cutting-edge laboratory facilities equipped with the latest machinery and tools for hands-on learning in knitting, garment construction, textile testing, and quality control.

Knitting Laboratory:
Step into our Knitting Laboratory, where students can explore the art and science of knitting technology. Our lab features a range of knitting machines, including:
Circular Knitting Machines: Learn about circular knitting techniques and fabric structures, and experiment with different yarns, gauges, and stitch patterns.
Flat Knitting Machines: Discover the versatility of flat knitting machines for producing flat and shaped knitted fabrics, and explore techniques such as intarsia, jacquard, and tuck stitches.
Warp Knitting Machines: Experience warp knitting processes and fabric constructions, and understand the principles of warp knitting technology for producing lace, tricot, and raschel fabrics.

Garment Construction Laboratory:

In our Garment Construction Laboratory, students can hone their skills in garment making and sewing techniques. The lab is equipped with:

Cutting Tables and Sewing Machines: Practice pattern making, cutting, and sewing using industrial-grade cutting tables and sewing machines, and learn about different types of seams, stitches, and finishes.

Pattern Making Tools: Explore the art of pattern making using drafting tools, pattern papers, and computer-aided design (CAD) software, and develop patterns for various garment styles and sizes.

Dress Forms and Mannequins: Experiment with garment fitting, draping, and alterations using dress forms and mannequins, and gain practical experience in garment assembly and construction.

Textile Testing Laboratory:
Our Textile Testing Laboratory is equipped with advanced testing equipment and instruments for evaluating the quality and performance of textiles and garments.

Quality Control Laboratory:
In our Quality Control Laboratory, students can learn about quality assurance processes and practices in textile manufacturing.

Inspection Tables: Conduct visual inspections of textiles and garments for defects, flaws, and irregularities, and learn to identify quality issues and deviations from specifications.

Quality Control Tools: Use quality control tools such as checklists, sampling plans, and statistical techniques to monitor and maintain quality standards throughout the production process.

Defect Analysis:Analyze fabric and garment defects using magnifiers, microscopes, and image analysis software, and develop solutions for preventing and addressing quality issues.

Join Us in Exploring the Dynamic World of Knitting and Garment Technology:
At EIT Polytechnic College, our laboratory facilities provide students with the perfect environment to explore, innovate, and learn in the field of knitting and garment technology. Whether you're knitting fabrics, constructing garments, or testing textiles, our labs offer the tools and resources you need to succeed in your journey towards becoming a skilled textile professional.

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