Welcome to the Administrative Office of EITPolytechnic College. Our office serves as the central hub for handling various administrative tasks and providing support services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We are dedicated to ensuring the smooth functioning of all administrative operations and enhancing the overall efficiency of our institution.
Services Offered:
Student Services:
Registration and enrolment assistance
Issuance of student ID cards
Academic transcript requests
Course scheduling and timetable inquiries
Student records management
Academic Calendar
Scholarship Assistance

Faculty and Staff Support:
Payroll and benefits administration
Leave management
Employee training and development programs
Recruitment and hiring processes
Faculty and staff directory maintenance
Service Register

Financial Services:

Tuition fee payments and billing inquiries
Financial aid and scholarship assistance
Budget planning and financial reporting
Accounts payable and receivable
Procurement and vendor management

Facilities Management:
Maintenance of campus facilities and infrastructure
Security and emergency management
Parking permits and transportation services
Environmental sustainability initiatives
General Inquiries and Assistance:
Information desk services
Campus maps and directions
Feedback and suggestions

Contact Information:
For assistance or inquiries, please feel free to visit us at the Administrative Office located at EIT Polytechnic College
You can also contact us via phone at
04256 -240497, 04294-299159
 or email at office@eitpolytechnic.ac.in
Our dedicated team of administrative staff is here to assist you during our office hours, Monday through Saturday, from 9.30 A.M. – 5.30 P.M.