At EIT Polytechnic College, we are committed to providing a supportive and conducive learning environment for all our students. The Student Advisory and Discipline Committee (SADC) plays a crucial role in ensuring student welfare, guiding them towards responsible behavior, and maintaining discipline within the college community.

About the SADC:
The Student Advisory and Discipline Committee is a dedicated body established to address student-related issues, provide guidance, and enforce disciplinary measures when necessary. Comprising faculty members, administrative staff, and student representatives, the committee aims to promote a culture of mutual respect, integrity, and accountability among students.

Our Mission:
The mission of our Student Advisory and Discipline Committee is to:

  • Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to students facing academic, personal, or behavioral challenges.
  • Uphold college policies, rules, and regulations to maintain discipline and ensure a safe and orderly campus environment.
  • Encourage ethical conduct, responsible behavior, and good citizenship among students through education and awareness programs.
  • Address student grievances, conflicts, and disciplinary infractions in a fair, impartial, and transparent manner.
  • Promote positive student engagement, leadership development, and community involvement to enhance the overall college experience.

Key Functions of the SADC:

The Student Advisory and Discipline Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing guidance and counseling to students on academic matters, career planning, and personal development.
  • Addressing disciplinary issues, including violations of college rules, codes of conduct, and academic integrity policies.
  • Conducting investigations, hearings, and disciplinary proceedings in accordance with established procedures and due process.
  • Recommending appropriate disciplinary actions, sanctions, or interventions to address student misconduct and promote accountability.
  • Offering mediation, conflict resolution, and support services to resolve disputes and conflicts among students amicably.
  • Collaborating with other college departments, student organizations, and external agencies to address student needs and concerns effectively.


Contact Us:
If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance from the Student Advisory and Discipline Committee, please feel free to contact us. Your well-being and success as a student are important to us, and we are here to support you in any way we can.

Together, let us work towards fostering a culture of responsibility, respect, and accountability among students, and create a vibrant and inclusive college community where everyone can thrive and succeed.