About Tamil Literature Club
Welcome to the Tamil Ilakkiyam Club at EIT Polytechnic College – a vibrant space dedicated to the appreciation and celebration of Tamil literature and culture. Our club serves as a platform for students to explore the richness of Tamil literature, engage in discussions, and foster a deeper connection with our cultural heritage.

Preserving Heritage, Igniting Passion, Promoting Tamil Literary Excellence
Our mission is to preserve and promote the rich heritage of Tamil literature. We aim to ignite a passion for Tamil Ilakkiyam (literature) among students, fostering an environment where creativity, expression, and linguistic appreciation thrive.

Literary Discourse: Facilitate discussions, seminars, and literary events to explore the vast world of Tamil literature.
Cultural Celebrations: Organize events and festivals that celebrate the diverse cultural aspects embedded in Tamil literature.
Creative Expression: Encouraging students to express their thoughts and creativity through poetry, storytelling, and other literary forms.
Collaborative Projects: Engaging students in collaborative projects that contribute to the preservation and propagation of Tamil literary traditions.
Join the Literary Journey!
Are you passionate about Tamil literature or eager to explore it? Join the Tamil Ilakkiyam Club atEIT Polytechnic College and become part of a community that cherishes the beauty and depth of Tamil language and literature.
Discover. Appreciate. Celebrate.