The Activities of the Training and Placement Cells are:
1. Training Programs:
We offer specialized training programs designed to enhance students' technical skills, soft skills, and overall employability. From technical workshops to personality development sessions, our training programs cover a spectrum of skills crucial for success in the professional world.

2. Industry Collaborations:
We establish strong collaborations with leading industries to bring real-world insights into the classroom. Guest lectures, industrial visits, and interactive sessions with industry experts are regular features, enriching students' understanding of current trends and expectations.

3. Mock Interviews and GD Sessions:
To prepare students for the corporate world, we conduct mock interviews and group discussion sessions. This hands-on experience helps students build confidence, refine their communication skills, and navigate professional interactions with ease.

4. Resume Building Workshops:
Crafting a compelling resume is a crucial step in job hunting. Our resume building workshops guide students in creating resumes that stand out, highlighting their strengths, skills, and achievements effectively.

5. Placement Drives:
We organize on-campus placement drives, inviting top recruiters from various industries. These events provide students with direct access to employment opportunities and the chance to interact with potential employers.

6. Internship Assistance:
Internships are an integral part of the learning journey. We assist students in finding relevant internship opportunities, giving them hands-on experience in their field of study.

Our Success Stories
Over the years, our Training and Placement Cell has been instrumental in helping students secure placements in renowned companies. We take pride in our alumni who have gone on to make significant contributions to their respective industries.